The Walking Dead: Call to Arms

With the BAD Gamers now back up and running, last night saw a first outing of the miniatures game The Walking Dead: Call to Arms. This is from Mantic games, and allows players to field larger crews than they can in Mantic's The Walking Dead: All out War. While still using the same figures and … Continue reading The Walking Dead: Call to Arms

We’re back!

The BAD Gamers is back up and running, after the COVID-19 hiatus. We're meeting on Tuesdays, at a new venue, Egerton Hall in Brackley. Times are 7.30pm to 10.30pm, although at the moment we're closing up at 10pm due to government restrictions/curfew Where is Egerton Hall? Egerton Hall is the new community centre in Brackley, … Continue reading We’re back!

Fantasy gaming to the fore

Descent continued its journey towards the end of the campaign with part two of the Wyrm Turns scenario. This saw the (so called) heroes try and stop the Overlord's minions escape from the dungeon with the Red Dragon Skull. Despite Overlord Frank now playing with a little more organisation (he has a spreadsheet!) allowing him … Continue reading Fantasy gaming to the fore

Area control, old friends and vampires

That was the content of last night's meeting of the BAD Gamers. Tom, who hasn't been around for a while, and is now secretary of the Banbury wargames club, NOW Gamers, came along and had a game of Wrath of Kings with Darren A. The RPG'ers played the dark ages version of Vampire and the … Continue reading Area control, old friends and vampires

January catch up at the BAD Gamers

With January about to leave us, its time to catch up on some of the games played recently at the BAD Gamers Mark, Lee and Frank took Merchants & Marauders for a spin. Been a while, and it showed in Frank's ability to remember the rules! Still Lee created a good narrative as a merchant … Continue reading January catch up at the BAD Gamers

October’s all day Sunday

Sunday saw the BAD Gamers hold their 5th of the year All Day Gaming Sunday. Sadly only six of us could attend this time around, but we still got to play a broad range of games; Axis & Allies Angels 20: Paul, Frank and Pete played Paul's blinged out copy of this WW2 air combat … Continue reading October’s all day Sunday