The Walking Dead: Call to Arms

With the BAD Gamers now back up and running, last night saw a first outing of the miniatures game The Walking Dead: Call to Arms. This is from Mantic games, and allows players to field larger crews than they can in Mantic's The Walking Dead: All out War. While still using the same figures and … Continue reading The Walking Dead: Call to Arms

Last Night on Earth: Salvage Mission

A firm favourite at the BAD Gamers is the boardgame Last Night on Earth. A story driven game, with a roll and move mechanic, and a zombie movie theme, it never fails to deliver a great time, with experiences being retold many times over. On this occasion the brave (stupid?) heroes had landed their plane … Continue reading Last Night on Earth: Salvage Mission

October’s all day Sunday

Sunday saw the BAD Gamers hold their 5th of the year All Day Gaming Sunday. Sadly only six of us could attend this time around, but we still got to play a broad range of games; Axis & Allies Angels 20: Paul, Frank and Pete played Paul's blinged out copy of this WW2 air combat … Continue reading October’s all day Sunday