January catch up at the BAD Gamers

With January about to leave us, its time to catch up on some of the games played recently at the BAD Gamers

Mark, Lee and Frank took Merchants & Marauders for a spin. Been a while, and it showed in Frank’s ability to remember the rules! Still Lee created a good narrative as a merchant who found fortune through trading and then fame through taking down the local pirate (and in so doing winning the game).

At the all day January session, Pete took Paul, Graham and Frank through Conquest of Nerath. A dudes on the map game set in one of the D&D worlds. The strategy needed to play the game evolves over time, making this more than a fantasy version of Risk. Indeed the euro situation of having too much to do and not enough to do it with came out in the middle of the game, meaning that every attack had longer term consequences.

Also at the all day session Mark ran two games of Frostgrave, with his new gaming mat. Both games proved great fun, what with teleporting wizards stealing treasure, other wizards using telekinesis to move treasure about, and yet other wizards blowing themselves up while miscasting spells. A fun miniatures game, and one that will hit the table again in the coming weeks.the-undercity merchants-maruders frostgrave-2 frostgrave-1 dd-board-game conquest-of-nerath













Additionally we played Carcassone, 13 Days, the Undercity, D&D Boardgame and Warhammer Quest.

Its been a good January of gaming.

October’s all day Sunday

Sunday saw the BAD Gamers hold their 5th of the year All Day Gaming Sunday. Sadly only six of us could attend this time around, but we still got to play a broad range of games;

Axis & Allies Angels 20: Paul, Frank and Pete played Paul’s blinged out copy of this WW2 air combat game. All three of us are veterans of Star Wars X-Wing, and this proved to be a step up in the level of detail, but not much more complicated.

The classic tactic of getting altitude on your enemy, and then diving on them for a better shot proved to be a tactic that worked in the game. And the points system worked, meaning that the two sides were well balanced with the game coming down to a few crucial key shots deciding the victor rather than one side having the upper hand from the off.

Furball in A&A Angels 20img_2608








Kings of War: Sean and Steve took Mantic’s Kings of War for a spin, using a range of their 28mm figures in a 1500 points game. KOW plays fast and easily, and is becoming something of a club favourite with the death of Warhammer.









Star Wars: Rebellion and Star Wars Risk:  As we all know, Death Stars are prone to getting blown up.  But, three times in one day?!  That’s just silly.

However, that is exactly what happened when Frank and Pete went Star Wars crazy, playing Rebellion and two games of Star Wars Risk.  Frank took the title of Most Destructive Rebel by taking out the Death Star in both Rebellion and Risk.  However, his efforts in Rebellion were in vain as Pete’s Empire crushed the Rebel Base after much torturing of Jan Dodonna. Thus making it two for two, for the Empire, in the games of Rebellion at the Club.

The two games of Risk saw two wins for the Rebels including Pete’s sole Death Star bombing run of the day.  Pete’s success was not without losses though as Frank did manage to throw Luke Skywalker to his doom.

Both Rebellion and Risk are great games.  Different in their scope, simple to learn, and with a depth of challenge that comes from the too much todo and not enough resources to do it with, dynamic.



Warmachine: Steve and Ben played 3rd Edition Warmachine – Ben wants to get his list ready for some competition. Third edition has changed the game a great deal, with Jacks now being all over the place, rather than just a few on each side.

Last Night on Earth/Colt Express/Camel up: Ben and Steve finished Warmachine and then joined Frank & Pete for some boardgames – Last Night on Earth which saw Ben’s Chemistry teacher heroically holding off the Zombie swarm, but sadly to fall at the end – Colt Express, the programmed move train robbery game, and Camel Up the camel racing betting game. All of which were very entertaining in their own way. Which is why we game.

colt-express lnoe-chemistry-teacher-holds-out

So, all in all eight different games played in nine hours in what was a great way to spend an early October Sunday.

Next, and last one of the year, is planned for December 4.