January catch up at the BAD Gamers

With January about to leave us, its time to catch up on some of the games played recently at the BAD Gamers

Mark, Lee and Frank took Merchants & Marauders for a spin. Been a while, and it showed in Frank’s ability to remember the rules! Still Lee created a good narrative as a merchant who found fortune through trading and then fame through taking down the local pirate (and in so doing winning the game).

At the all day January session, Pete took Paul, Graham and Frank through Conquest of Nerath. A dudes on the map game set in one of the D&D worlds. The strategy needed to play the game evolves over time, making this more than a fantasy version of Risk. Indeed the euro situation of having too much to do and not enough to do it with came out in the middle of the game, meaning that every attack had longer term consequences.

Also at the all day session Mark ran two games of Frostgrave, with his new gaming mat. Both games proved great fun, what with teleporting wizards stealing treasure, other wizards using telekinesis to move treasure about, and yet other wizards blowing themselves up while miscasting spells. A fun miniatures game, and one that will hit the table again in the coming weeks.the-undercity merchants-maruders frostgrave-2 frostgrave-1 dd-board-game conquest-of-nerath













Additionally we played Carcassone, 13 Days, the Undercity, D&D Boardgame and Warhammer Quest.

Its been a good January of gaming.

“Fear not:… I am Dungeon Master, your guide in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons!”

The land of Rallion is still in trouble despite our heroes successfully negotiating the initial missions of Dungeons & Dragons The Fantasy Adventure Board Game.
The Sheriff of Holbrook had been saved from the abandoned Watchtower, where Angor, the Bugbear leader, had imprisoned him, but he had terrible news.  Angor and his minions were only the start of it; the forces of evil are gathering an Army of Darkness which must be wiped out in its infancy.
Ben, Steve, Mark and Darren tooled up their heroes and ventured to a nearby fort where the Sheriff believed the army was gathering.  The heroes picked their way through Dungeon Master Pete’s fiendishly laid traps.  This was more due to luck than Darren’s ability to search for traps successfully.  However, Darren more than made up for this shortcoming with some truly astonishing offensive dice rolling to cut down monster after monster with his sneaky bow attack.  Deeper and deeper into the dungeon they toiled but they managed to keep the monsters at bay and heal whenever they could.
As they reached the last room in the fort, a sense of dread fell over the heroes.  The door creaked open and revealed a vast array of monsters including weapon dissolving Ooze.  The monsters gained the early advantage in this epic battle when the Gnolls over-powering Ben’s Mage and cut her down.  However, Darren’s unbelievable dice rolling streak continued and, eventually, battered and bruised, the heroes triumphed and were able to resurrect Ben despite the late appearance of a late-to-the-party Orc.
The sense of victory was short-lived however as our heroes spied several monsters disappearing off into the forest.
Will they give chase or rest on their laurels?!