Gaming in the lockdown

Mythic Battles Pantheon – Ares vs the Chimera

Like most, if not all tabletop games clubs, the BAD Gamers is currently suspended from its normal habit of meeting on Tuesday nights. We went into lockdown in March, with our last club night being March 17 (which seems a VERY long time ago).

However, we’ve managed to keep our gaming habits fed with games via Skype, Discord, Teams, Zoom and Whats App, allowing us to communicate while we play online versions of our favourite boardgames and role playing games. At home many board games have also been hitting the tables as families look for distractions other than binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime. Mythic Battle Pantheon, through to Jaws and more standard fayre like Ticket to Ride and Love Letter have become staples of family game nights.

What is missing is miniatures games, but these are also getting played if only as solo or in-family efforts. Warcry, The Walking Dead, and Core Space have all gotten table time. Plus, the hobby aspect of miniatures gaming is a live and well with new armies being painted, terrain pieces built and projects completed. Just take a look at one of the club members blog at snitchythedog to see what sort of work is happening.

So, while we can’t meet up, socially, gaming wise, there’s a lot going on. The question is will it continue after the lock-down is over? If so, does it mean that a richer gaming vein has been tapped because of the lock-down, than would have been realised without it? Only time will tell, but purely from a gaming standpoint, and in no way detracting from the pain & anguish the virus has brought, the lock-down could be looked back on in twelve months time as a good thing for tabletop gamers.

Stay Safe


Fortune and Glory

Watch out for those vile Nazis!!

Fortune and Glory hit the table last Tuesday at the BAD Gamers.

Perhaps the very definition of an Ameritrash game, it didn’t have much in the way of mechanics, but more than made up for it with story.

We had car chases, shootouts in nightclubs, sabotaged plane rides, ancient puzzles, quicksand and encounters with vile Nazis.

A better more concise rule book would have helped, but for what it is (shallow pulp story telling), it was a laugh.

Next week sees a return to the Peninsular war with Lt. Blackadder and Sergeant Baldrick taking on the vile Frenchies in a game of Sharp Practice, plus no doubt some more boardgaming.

Thief? No, Fief

RPG night at the BAD Gamers last Tuesday, with Ben running the latest instalment of the D&D campaign

That left six of us to play a boardgame, or two. Luckily, Mark had brought along his very blinged out copy of Fief, the game of Medieval French dealings.

The academy games version is a reprint of a 1980’s game, and gave us a great narrative of diplomatic marriages, plotting for political and religious based power, dealing with outbreaks of the Black Death, and our version of Joan D’Arc attacking the King of France and his best mate, the Pope, to stop them winning the game.

Sadly the attack failed and the two leaders, who were cowering in a castle, became the winners of the game (or, Pete and Mark won).

A good game with a degree of crunchiness in the rules and a large dose of 1980’s style randomness which added to the narrative, if not the actual game play.

Blackadder saves the day

Quieter night at the BAD Gamers this Tuesday night with just six of us out to game.

Alan took Mark, Darren and Pete through the new edition of FFG’s Sid Meir’s Civilisation, which played well but was a little long, was the conclusion.

Meanwhile, on the other table Sean and Frank played Napoleonic Sharp Practice, with Sean’s French patrol running into Frank’s British patrol in a learning game of the GREAT black powder skirmish game.

The game had some glorious moments with the French rapidly advancing to box in the British force. Sadly, they failed to press home their advance and ultimately fell to the ravaging disciplined fire of the British thin red line. The coup de grace on the French being given by Lieutenant Blackadder’s troops who delivered a crashing volley into the depleted French line troops, which sent the formation falling back and the overall morale of the French force through the floor.

A simple game, but one that delivered a great narrative, with “if only” moments for both sides.

Eager to play again.

Insane times in Innsmouth

Tuesday night saw the BAD Gamers play the D&D 5e campaign, the rather impressive looking boardgame Heroes of Land, Air and Sea and a first stab at the Mansions of Madness adventure, Escape from Innsmouth

Set in the remote coastal town, the adventure saw the three investigators having to survive the night while trying to find a way to escape from the interbred minions of the Marsh family and its Deep One confederates.

This involved looking for clues, avoiding a rioting mob, and fighting a range of fish men like baddies.

Sadly, the investigation was called at 10.30pm, with probably another 30 minutes to play. But at that point things weren’t going so well with two of the three temporarily insane, two mobs rampaging around the street, and an axe wielding maniac chasing down the team.

A little clunky at times, and with the noise in the room not always conducive to a nerve wracking experience, the game was still good fun and IS very much a Call of Cthulhu adventure in a box

Next week sees games of Napoleonic Sharp Practice, Vietnam Force on Force, and a range of Boardgames

Tuesday night classics

Lovecraft, D&D and the ‘Nam. Classic tabletop gaming at the BAD Gamers.

Tuesday night had Pete run the next instalment of his D&D boardgame campaign, Martin and Frank play a second game of Force on Force in Vietnam, and Mark, Darren, Lee and Alan play a range of Boardgames including Lovecraft Letter.

Next week will be a D&D RPG session, and a game of the Lovecraft themed Mansions of Madness.

I’m spotting a consistency of themes.

Catch up on some recent games

Last Sunday saw the BAD Gamers March all day Sunday session. With a few last minute changes this became a board game fest with Forge War, Twilight Struggle, Terraforming Mars, Zombie Dice, and 1754 hitting the table. As ever, a great day’s gaming, that flew by.

Tuesday night was the full range of tabletop gaming with a D&D RPG session, the Battlestar Galactica boardgame, and the new miniatures hotness Star Wars Legion all being played. Good times and a great display of both the diversity and the inclusiveness of our hobby

Next all day Sunday session will be in May or June