Insane times in Innsmouth

Tuesday night saw the BAD Gamers play the D&D 5e campaign, the rather impressive looking boardgame Heroes of Land, Air and Sea and a first stab at the Mansions of Madness adventure, Escape from Innsmouth

Set in the remote coastal town, the adventure saw the three investigators having to survive the night while trying to find a way to escape from the interbred minions of the Marsh family and its Deep One confederates.

This involved looking for clues, avoiding a rioting mob, and fighting a range of fish men like baddies.

Sadly, the investigation was called at 10.30pm, with probably another 30 minutes to play. But at that point things weren’t going so well with two of the three temporarily insane, two mobs rampaging around the street, and an axe wielding maniac chasing down the team.

A little clunky at times, and with the noise in the room not always conducive to a nerve wracking experience, the game was still good fun and IS very much a Call of Cthulhu adventure in a box

Next week sees games of Napoleonic Sharp Practice, Vietnam Force on Force, and a range of Boardgames

Tuesday night classics

Lovecraft, D&D and the ‘Nam. Classic tabletop gaming at the BAD Gamers.

Tuesday night had Pete run the next instalment of his D&D boardgame campaign, Martin and Frank play a second game of Force on Force in Vietnam, and Mark, Darren, Lee and Alan play a range of Boardgames including Lovecraft Letter.

Next week will be a D&D RPG session, and a game of the Lovecraft themed Mansions of Madness.

I’m spotting a consistency of themes.

Catch up on some recent games

Last Sunday saw the BAD Gamers March all day Sunday session. With a few last minute changes this became a board game fest with Forge War, Twilight Struggle, Terraforming Mars, Zombie Dice, and 1754 hitting the table. As ever, a great day’s gaming, that flew by.

Tuesday night was the full range of tabletop gaming with a D&D RPG session, the Battlestar Galactica boardgame, and the new miniatures hotness Star Wars Legion all being played. Good times and a great display of both the diversity and the inclusiveness of our hobby

Next all day Sunday session will be in May or June

What things we accomplish in our humble hobby.

Mars was terraformed, a saga was played and a pandemic tackled in last night’s games at the BAD Gamers

Alan took Tiago and Darren through the rather excellent Terraforming Mars. The win went to Tiago, with a strategy that focussed on cards/projects. Darren was second with a great revenue engine but the cards didn’t fall well for him.

Frank and Sean played a game of Saga 2nd Edition. The game is still Saga, as it was, but the rules are a lot tighter.

Sean took the win by using the cunning strategy of getting on his horse and running away, forcing Frank, who should have sat on his arse, to come out and fight.

The strength of the game is in the distinct style of each of the factions and this has become more distinct with 2E.

No doubt it will be played more

Finally Mark took Lee, Pete and Darren through the first few chapters of Pandemic Season 2. By all accounts S2 is even better than S1.

Next week sees Boardgames (Mansions of Madness?) and the next episode of the D&D campaign.

Worms, VC and Kingdoms

Tuesday night saw three tables up and running at the BAD Gamers, with the unusual twist of two of them being miniatures games and only one for Boardgames.

Mark and Chris played a game of Frostgrave, with one particular highlight being the appearance of a giant worm right where a treasure was being looted.

Martin and Frank played a game of Force on Force modern warfare, set in Vietnam. This was a learning game with Frank using some of his veteran 20mm US forces (painted in the late 90’s with enamels!). The battle went the way of the VC with multiple casualties on the US side and a corresponding decline in capability to act. Although we struggled with the layout of the rule book for reference during the game, the core mechanics are both simple and sound, and the game felt realistic and was great to play. It will hit the table again in a couple of weeks

On the final table new lad Kent Yeomans joined Pete Gardner, Tiago Almeida, and Darren Stevens in a game of Kingdom builder. Which AGAIN Darren didn’t win. These must truly be the end times.

Next week sees the debut of 2nd Edition Saga and the continuation of the Pandemic Legacy campaign, plus other games

Playing Dead Man’s Hand while Escaping from Colditz to Puerto Rico

That’s what it was like at the BAD Gamers December all day gaming session, on Sunday

It kicked off with three miniature wargames – Frostgrave, Dead Man’s Hand and new kid on the block, Scrappers

Frostgrave is a firm favourite in the club, with Dead Man’s Hand, a close second.

Scrappers played surprisingly well. It comes from Osprey, and is a post apocalyptic gang level skirmish game. It’s more complex than Frostgrave, in both setup of the crews and mechanics,  but still easy to pick up. The game became intuitive after a couple of rounds and as it relies on an opposed die roll approach, it keeps you involved no matter who’s go it is.

The best part about it for starting is that we used existing Deadzone and Congo terrain plus some mixed SF figures we already had, making the rules purchase the only new investment.
The downside to Scrappers is the rule book, which is quite dense and difficult to use as a reference during play. But when you start playing, it rapidly made sense and gave a fun gang level game, that we are already planning to play again.


A little later Pete and Graham called down the Elder Gods in a game of Elder Sign.

We then all joined in a game of Escape from Colditz, which in-spite of its flaws, proved to be great fun with a lot of laughs.

A quick detour into the card and dice game Age of War, which has a lot more depth to it than it first suggests, and then the day rounded out with a game of Puerto Rico – which was a first time for most of us, and the reason why this older game is considered a euro game classic, became obvious very quickly.

Good times and now looking forward to the next one at the end of January


Fantasy gaming to the fore

Descent continued its journey towards the end of the campaign with part two of the Wyrm Turns scenario. This saw the (so called) heroes try and stop the Overlord’s minions escape from the dungeon with the Red Dragon Skull.
Despite Overlord Frank now playing with a little more organisation (he has a spreadsheet!) allowing him to target the heroes more effectively, the heroes continued their drive to complete the campaign with no losses. But it was a closer run thing than many of the proceeding adventures (the magic of Excel?), with one dice roll probably deciding it. On the positive side, for the Overlord, the heroes didn’t get much loot from the dungeon (cue Evil laugh).

The crew then moved onto the fun pre-programmed wild west themed game, Colt Express, which saw the wacky fight for the loot on the train. Always a fun story and inevitably, why doesn’t this hit the table more often.

On the other table a four way game of Frostgrave raged on with Olly, Mark and Chris taking new comer Andrew through the streets of Felstad.
This is always a fun game, with a D20 mechanic that can both make and ruin a Wizard’s day. Couple it to the fantastic terrain collection that the crew have, and its also a good looking game.

Next week there is no meeting of the BAD Gamers as the School Play is on. But we’ll be back on July 4 with games of The Walking Dead: All out War, and D&D the adventure board game to name a few