Worms, VC and Kingdoms

Tuesday night saw three tables up and running at the BAD Gamers, with the unusual twist of two of them being miniatures games and only one for Boardgames.

Mark and Chris played a game of Frostgrave, with one particular highlight being the appearance of a giant worm right where a treasure was being looted.

Martin and Frank played a game of Force on Force modern warfare, set in Vietnam. This was a learning game with Frank using some of his veteran 20mm US forces (painted in the late 90’s with enamels!). The battle went the way of the VC with multiple casualties on the US side and a corresponding decline in capability to act. Although we struggled with the layout of the rule book for reference during the game, the core mechanics are both simple and sound, and the game felt realistic and was great to play. It will hit the table again in a couple of weeks

On the final table new lad Kent Yeomans joined Pete Gardner, Tiago Almeida, and Darren Stevens in a game of Kingdom builder. Which AGAIN Darren didn’t win. These must truly be the end times.

Next week sees the debut of 2nd Edition Saga and the continuation of the Pandemic Legacy campaign, plus other games

Playing Dead Man’s Hand while Escaping from Colditz to Puerto Rico

That’s what it was like at the BAD Gamers December all day gaming session, on Sunday

It kicked off with three miniature wargames – Frostgrave, Dead Man’s Hand and new kid on the block, Scrappers

Frostgrave is a firm favourite in the club, with Dead Man’s Hand, a close second.

Scrappers played surprisingly well. It comes from Osprey, and is a post apocalyptic gang level skirmish game. It’s more complex than Frostgrave, in both setup of the crews and mechanics,  but still easy to pick up. The game became intuitive after a couple of rounds and as it relies on an opposed die roll approach, it keeps you involved no matter who’s go it is.

The best part about it for starting is that we used existing Deadzone and Congo terrain plus some mixed SF figures we already had, making the rules purchase the only new investment.
The downside to Scrappers is the rule book, which is quite dense and difficult to use as a reference during play. But when you start playing, it rapidly made sense and gave a fun gang level game, that we are already planning to play again.


A little later Pete and Graham called down the Elder Gods in a game of Elder Sign.

We then all joined in a game of Escape from Colditz, which in-spite of its flaws, proved to be great fun with a lot of laughs.

A quick detour into the card and dice game Age of War, which has a lot more depth to it than it first suggests, and then the day rounded out with a game of Puerto Rico – which was a first time for most of us, and the reason why this older game is considered a euro game classic, became obvious very quickly.

Good times and now looking forward to the next one at the end of January


Christmas Gaming Session

Five of us made it a long to the inaugural Christmas afternoon games session, last Wednesday (28 December)
We played a tough game of Last Night on Earth, with Mark H as the Zeds taking the win in the last fight of the game. If the heroes had won the that fight, the game would have gone to them
As ever with LNoE there were some stand out moments;
– The teacher, fleeing from the high school pursued by zombies and being saved by the pilot firing a signal flare into the lead zombie, from the nearby woods
– The waitress, after battling two zombies in the diner, found a lighter, turned the gas on, pushed past the zeds, and threw the lighter behind her, to blowing them (and the diner) to hell
Later we played Scythe, with Ben taking the victory through a fast play strategy. The rest of us (apart from Darren) had pretty much figured out what we were doing when the game ended!
Scythe is a good game, with both a strategic and tactical balance needed to win, and gets better the more its played.
We rounded out the afternoon with a couple of games of Tsuro.
All in all a good afternoon of gaming, hanging out with friends, and a welcome break from the seasonal festivities. Plans are to do the same for the 2017 Christmas break.