We’re back!

The BAD Gamers is back up and running, after the COVID-19 hiatus.

We’re meeting on Tuesdays, at a new venue, Egerton Hall in Brackley.

Times are 7.30pm to 10.30pm, although at the moment we’re closing up at 10pm due to government restrictions/curfew

Where is Egerton Hall?

Egerton Hall is the new community centre in Brackley, on the Radstone Fields development.

The full address is

Egerton Hall
Juno Crescent
NN13 6GN

And the hall’s online details can be found here

What games are being played?

The BAD Gamers is back up and running with the normal range of board games and miniature games.

Recent games have included Red Alert Space Fleet Warfare, Mythic Battles Pantheon, Quartermaster General, Wingspan, Tapestry, Food Chain Magnate, and Versailles

Miniature games have included Frostgrave 2.0, Pulp Alley and The Walking Dead.

At the moment we don’t have any RPG campaigns running (such as D&D, Vampire, or Call of Cthulhu). These transferred online with the COVID-19 lockdown, and as that worked so well, the players have decided to keep playing that way, for the foreseeable future.

Of course, we are a very informal group and are open to new gamers and playing a full range of games.

When do the BAD Gamers meet?

We’ve managed to stick with the Tuesday night meeting, which suited most people. And is how we used to meet before lockdown.

There has been a slight change in the meeting times. We now meet at 7.30pm, and run until 10.30pm.

That said, most of us get there by 7.20pm, as we get a handover from the hall’s previous users, so we are set up and playing by just gone 7.30pm

Our normal end time is 10.30pm.

At the moment, with the curfew of 10pm in place by the government, we are closing at 10pm. This will remain in place until either the curfew is removed or we get advice from Brackley council on the application of the curfew on meetings such as ours (which are not pub or restaurant related).

Will you also have the Sunday sessions?

Short answer is yes. Longer answer is “we’re looking into it”

The Sunday meetings, about once a quarter, have become a standard at the BAD Gamers, as they offer us the chance to play those longer games, which won’t fit into a regular club night, or a fuller range of games in one day.

As such we are keen to get them back into the calendar.

The hope is to do one before the end of the year. Either at the end of November or the start of December.

If this is possible, and can be sustained, the plan will then be to do one each quarter in 2021.

How much does its cost to join the BAD Gamers?

We don’t have a formal membership fee as such. However, there are advantages of paying in adavance.

Our current fees structure is as follows

£10 a month, payable at the start of the month – covering all Tuesday nights in that month

£4 a night, if only attending for one night.

We are in the process of setting up direct debit and paypal arrangements, but at the moment payment is by cash.

Cost for Sunday’s are yet to be worked out but hopefully will be the same as the £5 we used to pay at the old venue, or not much more.

What COVID-19 restrictions are in place?

Egerton hall is a COVID-19 secure venue, and as such has hand sanitizer stations on site, and recstrictions in place on how the venue can be used.

For the BAD Gamers the only additions we employ beyond these are

Tables of no more than six players at each

Tables to be more than two metres apart

Masks to be worn by players

Tables to be wiped down before being put away, with sanitiser

A membership form to be completed with contact details in case of track and trace.

How do I get in touch with the BAD Gamers?

If you would like to get in touch with the BAD Gamers to find out more about the games we play, and coming along to join in, please use the contact form on our homepage, or contact us via our Facebook page

We look forward to seeing you.

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