Thief? No, Fief

RPG night at the BAD Gamers last Tuesday, with Ben running the latest instalment of the D&D campaign

That left six of us to play a boardgame, or two. Luckily, Mark had brought along his very blinged out copy of Fief, the game of Medieval French dealings.

The academy games version is a reprint of a 1980’s game, and gave us a great narrative of diplomatic marriages, plotting for political and religious based power, dealing with outbreaks of the Black Death, and our version of Joan D’Arc attacking the King of France and his best mate, the Pope, to stop them winning the game.

Sadly the attack failed and the two leaders, who were cowering in a castle, became the winners of the game (or, Pete and Mark won).

A good game with a degree of crunchiness in the rules and a large dose of 1980’s style randomness which added to the narrative, if not the actual game play.

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