Blackadder saves the day

Quieter night at the BAD Gamers this Tuesday night with just six of us out to game.

Alan took Mark, Darren and Pete through the new edition of FFG’s Sid Meir’s Civilisation, which played well but was a little long, was the conclusion.

Meanwhile, on the other table Sean and Frank played Napoleonic Sharp Practice, with Sean’s French patrol running into Frank’s British patrol in a learning game of the GREAT black powder skirmish game.

The game had some glorious moments with the French rapidly advancing to box in the British force. Sadly, they failed to press home their advance and ultimately fell to the ravaging disciplined fire of the British thin red line. The coup de grace on the French being given by Lieutenant Blackadder’s troops who delivered a crashing volley into the depleted French line troops, which sent the formation falling back and the overall morale of the French force through the floor.

A simple game, but one that delivered a great narrative, with “if only” moments for both sides.

Eager to play again.

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