What things we accomplish in our humble hobby.

Mars was terraformed, a saga was played and a pandemic tackled in last night’s games at the BAD Gamers

Alan took Tiago and Darren through the rather excellent Terraforming Mars. The win went to Tiago, with a strategy that focussed on cards/projects. Darren was second with a great revenue engine but the cards didn’t fall well for him.

Frank and Sean played a game of Saga 2nd Edition. The game is still Saga, as it was, but the rules are a lot tighter.

Sean took the win by using the cunning strategy of getting on his horse and running away, forcing Frank, who should have sat on his arse, to come out and fight.

The strength of the game is in the distinct style of each of the factions and this has become more distinct with 2E.

No doubt it will be played more

Finally Mark took Lee, Pete and Darren through the first few chapters of Pandemic Season 2. By all accounts S2 is even better than S1.

Next week sees Boardgames (Mansions of Madness?) and the next episode of the D&D campaign.

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