Worms, VC and Kingdoms

Tuesday night saw three tables up and running at the BAD Gamers, with the unusual twist of two of them being miniatures games and only one for Boardgames.

Mark and Chris played a game of Frostgrave, with one particular highlight being the appearance of a giant worm right where a treasure was being looted.

Martin and Frank played a game of Force on Force modern warfare, set in Vietnam. This was a learning game with Frank using some of his veteran 20mm US forces (painted in the late 90’s with enamels!). The battle went the way of the VC with multiple casualties on the US side and a corresponding decline in capability to act. Although we struggled with the layout of the rule book for reference during the game, the core mechanics are both simple and sound, and the game felt realistic and was great to play. It will hit the table again in a couple of weeks

On the final table new lad Kent Yeomans joined Pete Gardner, Tiago Almeida, and Darren Stevens in a game of Kingdom builder. Which AGAIN Darren didn’t win. These must truly be the end times.

Next week sees the debut of 2nd Edition Saga and the continuation of the Pandemic Legacy campaign, plus other games