Two Saga’s

Saga has been an on and off favourite at the Club for a few years now. For example a competition league was set up and saw a good range of games played, but then we moved onto new games, as is the way with these things.

So, it was great when a couple of weeks ago we decided to get the figures out again and do battle once more.

We had two tables and four players – Mark fielded his Normans against Darren, who played Vikings.
Normans hold the hill
Vikings prepare to assault the hill







On the other table, Frank took his Anglo-Danes for a spin against more of Mark’s Normans, this time being played by Paul.

Norman CavalryThe speech goes on, and on








As ever, with any game you haven’t played in a while, there was a degree of relearning the rules, and also for Paul, an introduction to the game. But we soon got back into the swing of rolling the Saga dice, deciding what actions to take on the faction battle boards, and knocking seven shades out of each other.

Mark and Darren fought over a hill, with Mark’s forces taking a battering but holding onto the hill. Frank and Paul fought over Frank’s village, with a scenario win for the Anglo Danes, which can justifiably be put down to Frank NOT explaining the scenario properly to Paul. Shenanigans could be rightly called by Paul, although Frank is chalking it up as another victory for his unbeaten Anglo Danes.

All in all, it was good to get Saga back to the table, to again see how the factions play out differently, and to try and play to the faction’s strengths rather than in a vanilla Dark Ages style. Hopefully it won’t be such a long time before it hits the table again.


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